Select a timer profile for the editor.

Since version 1.1 the qrTimer supports much more versatile timer definitions. Please select a profile for the timer you want to build.

The simple QR Timer Editor can only build timer definitions with one step and only one group.

This editor is perfect if you want to quickly build a qrTimer.

The multi process QR Timer Editor can create timers with several process groups. Every process group can have several steps. A simple example is the yeast dough: let it grow for 60 minutes and then bake it for 30 minutes.

Using the process groups you can define a timer for different ways to archive the same result. For example group A could be pre-configured for a normal oven where group B could be for convection oven. When the user scans such a timer he will be asked to choose one group.

Of course you can use process groups for other things, like fitness training.